In-Person Pilates Workshops

In-person Pilates Workshop Sessions accompanied by online courses

In-person pilates workshop + Online Access

Our in-person Pilates workshops are built around a face-to-face delivery exploring movement together. The courses are generally linked to our online learning modules to ensure that participants can scaffold their understanding and experience of the material. The access to the online content is immediate after purchase. This allows us to spend more time on case studies, refining cueing and teaching techniques and answer questions during the live course. We make sure our participants feel truly confident in bringing their newly acquired knowledge to their clients straight away.

If you are unable to attend our live courses in person because of distance or health concerns, most of our live courses are also streamed through Zoom. When a Zoom link-up is organised we ensure that it is an interactive experience for everyone attending – in person or online – and that all participants  will have access to the live recording.

The online components are available before and after the live course for unlimited viewing over 12 months for all participants.

Live Workshop Options Available

Face To Face Pilates Extension + Online Course

Visit our In-Person Training Workshops and get access to our Online Courses in this fantastic opportunity to extend your learning. Our focus is on encouraging students to feel confident in their abilities both as movers and teachers and our live courses are built around a face-to-face delivery exploring movement together.

Specialist Course Extensions

These course extensions are held on around our Specialist Pilates courses and are only open to students enrolled in these courses. To qualify for the advanced certification in chronic conditions, you will need to attend the face to face course extensions for each course component where applicable. View our Events Calendar to see more information around upcoming extensions.

Reformer Online Courses + Live Workshop

Access the Reformer Online Courses and gain access to the Live Workshop for your Certification! With our Reformer courses, you can receive an even bigger discount when purchasing our Live course bundles, which is great if you are wanting to review your qualifications or achieve a certification.

Mat Online Course + Live Workshop

Access the The Things That Mat-ter Online Course and gain access to the Live Workshop for your Certification! This course is suitable for students beginning their Pilates teacher journey and who are looking for a course that will provide them with more than the superficial mechanics of the repertoire, but rather understand the exercises fully.

What Our Students Have to Say

Body Organics courses are perfect for the seasoned instructor who wants to learn a deeper knowledge of anatomy. Body Organics teachers have an incredible way of explaining complicated biomechanics in easy to apply methods. I’ve always found learning anatomy from a textbook hard to follow, but Carla applies imagery to bring the concepts to life. When you understand how the body moves, you’ll be able to have the capability to cater to a range of complex clients and this is what you get with Body Organics.
Kimi Broadbent
Melbourne, Victoria
I have been teaching Pilates for over 25 years and never stop learning from Carla! Body Organics Education is my go to for continuing education and deepening my knowledge. Carla is one amazing and generous lady, with a gift of explaining anatomy and how the body works in a way that I totally understand. Attention to detail and making sure you understand what is being delivered is Carla’s priority. I highly recommend Body Organics Education, you won’t be disappointed.
Renae Blackmore
Gosford, New South Wales
Carla is a highly experienced and very knowledgeable instructor with a unique take on the Pilates method. Always generous with her expertise, she really opened my eyes to the beauty and power of movement via Pilates. I have continued my continuing education with Body Organics, one of the best things I ever did, and cannot recommend them highly enough!
Kathy Sharp
Brisbane, Queensland
The teachers cater to the current stance of the course participants as individuals, and teach as highly informative guides, in a manner that helps the participant to discover their own ideas and to further guide themselves. Do a Body Organics Course and be re-born as a teacher. Also, Carla is super funny - partake in a course simply for the comedic value!
Jane Brewer
Cairns, Queensland