Your Pilates Certification Teachers

Our Pilates Certification Teachers

Body Organics Education employs a number of educators in-house but we also partner with experienced studios and teacher trainers around Australia and the USA to support face to face learning.


Carla Mullins is co-director and co-owner of Body Organics®, a business based in Brisbane, Australia. Carla started her career as a solicitor and practiced for nearly 13 years and came to Pilates in 1993 because of complex neurological and health problems. The curiosity and tenacity that allowed her to practice law and regain her health is what also makes her continue to study, train and explore anatomy and movement in as many mind-body disciplines as possible. She is passionate about understanding how pain or restrictions are affecting a person’s ability to move. It is through the education of her clients and teaching them to understand how their body works and how it could work better that she gets the greatest satisfaction.
It is important for Carla that the transformation she can see in her clients in the studio is transferable to their everyday lives whether they are an athlete, mother, office worker or tradesperson.

Carla has presented at multiple pilates conferences on a wide range of topics from pathology to repertoire. In 2021 she presented her first workshop for Pilates Anytime (Claiming Immunity) and several workouts.

Carla is due to complete her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy Hons (UQ) in 2023.

Carla is a Level 4 Professional Practitioner with the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA) and the Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA). She has studied Pilates with PITC, Polestar as well as the APMA. She has a Diploma in Pilates Professional Practice (PITC), Gyrotonic Level 1 licence, CoreAlign Level 1, 2 and 3 certification and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. She is also a trained instructor with the Neuro Studio and has completed their Pilates for Neurological Conditions course on multiple occasions. Carla is also a Level 1 Gyrotonic teacher. She also has a LLB (QUT), M. Soc Sc & Policy (UNSW).

Brisbane, Queensland

Lee Hodder

Lee has been teaching pilates for several decades.  Her training was with the Australian Pilates Method Association and she obtained a Diploma in Pilates Movement Therapy.

Lee also teaches yoga and barre.  

Lee had her own studio for 25 years in Townsville until she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Having successfully survived breast cancer she now works for other studios. She brings detail and compassion to her work with students and clients.

Kimi has been teaching Pilates, personal training and movement rehab since 2007 and her passion is to help clients enjoy moving their bodies. Kimi has always loved sport and exercise from a young age. In her mid 20’s she found herself with a broken body from elite netball and Pilates helped her recover from her multiple injuries, including foot fractures, plantar fasciitis, meniscus tears, shoulder hypermobility and two herniated discs. 

Kimi has been running her own Pilates studio, the Pilates Vibe, for many years. She is a principal trainer with Pilates Association Australia and was an educator for Polestar Pilates for 10 years before joining Body Organics Education in  2023.

Kimi’s experience and constant curiosity about the Pilates method has provided her with so many different tools to assist clients from all walks of life to move and feel confident in their bodies. She is excited now to be sharing her knowledge and experience through the Body Organics Education Certifications.

Pure Pilates & Osteopathy Noosa has been running for over 16 years. It is run by Sarah Egglestone, a seasoned Level 4 instructor with over 16 years of experience teaching Pilates, and Damian Kacperski, a clinical musculoskeletal Osteopath with more than 12 years of practice and a strong interest in movement patterns and rehabilitation. Together with Body Organics they provide a course that is both indepth, fun and challenging in the beating heart of Noosa. With nearly 30 years experience combined you can feel safe in the knowledge that they have the understanding and experience to take your teaching skills to the next level.
Jane has 15 years experience as a PT/Movement Therapist in both Clinical and Fitness environments. Starting in the health industry as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, Jane began attending Pilates for her own injuries, and discovered there were missing pieces in her understanding of the body, and realised that if she really wanted the best for her clients and her own body, she needed to learn more, and share it with others. Since then Jane has completed training with a variety of different providers, gifting her a variety of perspectives that can be applied at the right place and time. Jane has also completed many workshops with Body Organics.

New South Wales

Chrystene was first introduced to the Pilates method as a client in the early 90’s. At that time she had no background as a movement professional, but instead had a background working in restaurant, hotel and venue management and music photography and arts. It did not take Chrystene long to recognise the benefits of this form of exercise and very quickly she developed a passion for Pilates as a client. Pilates helped her recover from long term illness and rebuild both her physical and mental strength. Chrystene is the owner and director of Bodhimaya Pilates Centre in Bondi in Sydney.
Erin Jones joined the Movement Collective team after 10 years in hospitality and event management and completed the Certificate in Matwork Instruction followed by the Buff Bones Certification course. Erin’s Pilates passion was now in full swing so she continued her studies and qualified with her Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction in 2017 from PilatesITC. She is now a Studio Manager at Movement Collective.

Erin has discovered a passion for Movement and intends to continue her learning journey with further Pilates studies with other organisations. Erin enjoys empowering people through Pilates and helping them discover their own fearless movement and loves working with them to help them achieve their goals.

As a teacher Erin has found that you never stop learning. Erin is also a certified Buff Bones instructor and qualified as a women’s health Pre and Post Natal Pilates specialist with Carolyn Anthony’s Center For Women’s Fitness. Erin is a registered level 2 instructor with the Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA).

Australian Capital Territory

Elyse is the founder of Elysium Studio Pilates and has been practicing Pilates for over 30 years.Introduced to Pilates during her study of Dance at University, Elyse’s passion for Pilates was rekindled 12 years ago following a career ending back injury and an intensive 2 year rehabilitation (consisting solidly of corrective exercises and Pilates). Prior to her injury the highlights of her dance career includes competing at the (Worlds) Cowal Highland Gathering in 2001 in Scotland, working with dancers from the Bangarra Dance Theatre, Australian Ballet School and Graeme Murphy from the Sydney Dance Company.

Elyse has a keen interest in musculoskeletal conditions including shoulder impingements, neck/back sufferers, strength training, pre & postnatal, Myofascial Slings movement classes. Specialties including core stability, prevention & rehabilitation programs for clients and passionate about returning clients to their optimal function. She values the importance of movement therapy to achieve this.

She lives and breathes health, wellness and an active lifestyle. Elyse is the walking talking embodiment of her brand “Elysium Studio Pilates”, specifically chosen for this business, not simply as a play on words but because it embodies “a place or state of perfect happiness”. She feels each and every body can achieve this through Pilates and a healthy lifestyle.

She has a Bachelor of Arts (Dance) – University of Western Sydney, Diploma of Contemporary Pilates & Cert 4 in Mat Pilates through the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA), Diploma – Myofascial Slings Practitioner (Art of Motion Academy).


Natalie is not only an inspirational mother, she’s an innovative business woman and a remarkable Pilates educator who founded ‘Back to Life Studio’ in 2017.

Natalie discovered her passion for helping others when Natalie’s two sons were born with a rare metabolic disease, resulting in multiple disabilities. She spent many years working closely with Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists as part of an early childhood intervention team, to help her boys find a better quality of life. Her search for answers led her on a journey of discovery and it was this experience that made her realise she had a deep passion for helping others.

Natalie first gained her qualification as an Allied Health Assistant in 2014 and then completed her Diploma in Pilates Movement Therapy back in 2017. Natalie also holds qualifications as a professional Health and Life Coach, TRE™(Trauma Tension Release Exercises) provider, NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback trainer, HyperVibe instructor (whole body vibration therapy) Reiki Level 2; Cert IV in Training & Assessment; Dip Business & Marketing (RMIT) Registered Level 3 Professional Pilates Practitioner – APMA & AusActive.


Susie started taking Pilates lessons in 1998, was certified by Core Dynamics in 2002 and received her PMA certification in 2007. 

Susie had a vision of creating a Pilates studio for the local Miami Beach community that was both welcoming and focused on teaching the joy and benefits of movement, health and fitness through classical Pilates. Now, after over thirteen years of operation, Susie is proud of how the Studio has evolved in accordance with that vision. The Studio is home to several gifted teachers and enjoys a very loyal clientele, as well as a national and international reputation. Susie also enjoys teaching aspiring Pilates teachers, honing the skills of existing teachers, and teaching the “business” side of the profession to Pilates instructors.

Mari Dawson is the owner of PureCore Pilates in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. She has been teaching Pilates for 18 years and a teacher trainer for the last 8 years. Her experience has taught her that there is no one way that fits all (bodies). Instead she has created her own path, always  looking for tools to get the best outcomes for her clients. With the studio being rehab based, she felt that Body Organics would be the best teacher training program for the future of PureCore Pilates.

Mari discovered the benefits of Pilates in 2004 when she needed help with chronic pain. Being an athlete most of her childhood and teen years she was feeling the toll that takes on bodies, along with birthing 3 children. After 2 sessions she was hooked and quit her job and began working at the Pilates studio.  

In 2006, Mari decided to get certified comprehensively and went to study in DC with Physicalmind Institute, and became PMA Certified in 2009. Since then she became a Z Health R-Phase Movement Reeducation Specialist in 2019. Mari has trained in Makarlu Masterclass, Peripheral Neuropathy, Pilates for Seniors, Scoliosis, Golf, Reformer for rehabilitation Professionals, and CoreAlign 1,2,3 among many other courses.