In-Person Pilates Workshops & Online Course Bundle

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In-Person Pilates Workshops work together with our Online Courses in this fantastic opportunity to extend your learning. Our focus is on encouraging students to feel confident in their abilities both as movers and teachers and our live courses are built around a face-to-face delivery exploring movement together. At this stage, we have workshops happening in both Brisbane, and at Pilates Studios in Sydney, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Cairns,  Canberra and the USA.

Pick the extension you are interested in and find the dates listed below. More dates, training and courses will be listed as interest is shown.


Our in-person Pilates workshops explore movement and build on the material learned in your online pilates modules. Our online learning modules ensure that participants can scaffold their understanding and experience of the material. Access to the online content is immediate after purchase. This allows us to spend more time on case studies, refining cueing, and teaching techniques and answering questions during the live in-person Pilates workshop. We make sure our participants feel truly confident in bringing their newly acquired knowledge to their clients straight away.

In-person Pilates workshops provide students with an opportunity to reinforce the concepts that they have learned. We then give students to explore and apply those concepts to a variety of pilates apparatus and in a variety of settings.  We want to give students an opportunity to understand how to apply and modify repertoire to help clients achieve the best outcome for their goals. We want students to understand the Pilates method is more truly a bridge between fitness Pilates and clinical Pilates. Well-trained students are able to work within the full continuum of the Pilates method with a realistic understanding of how to work safely, appropriately and intelligently

If you are unable to attend our live courses in person because of distance or health concerns, we can accommodate you via Zoom. When a Zoom link-up is organised we ensure that it is an interactive experience for everyone attending – in person or online – and that all participants will have access to the live recording. Contact us via email to discuss this option.

At this stage, we have workshops happening in both Brisbane, and at Pilates Studios in Sydney, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Canberra, and the USA. When asked to provide workshops in other areas, we do our best to accommodate and work with studios so that we can help build our pilates community.

The online components are available before and after the live course for unlimited viewing for 3 years for all participants.

The in-person courses attract continuing education points with the PAA, NPCP.


18th May @ Movement Collective Pilates, NSW, 25th May @ Body Organics Education, QLD, 1st June @ Seaview Health Group, VIC, 22nd June @ Elysium Studio Pilates, ACT