Single In-Person Workshops & Online Course Bundle

Visit our In-Person Training Workshops and get access to our Online Courses in this fantastic opportunity to extend your learning. Our focus is on encouraging students to feel confident in their abilities both as movers and teachers and our live courses are built around a face-to-face delivery exploring movement together. At this stage, we have workshops happening in both Brisbane (in our West End facility), in Sydney (at Semprose Pilates and Fitness Studio in Smeaton Grange) and in Canberra (at Pilates Can Manuka studio).

Pick the course you are interested in and find the dates listed below. More dates, trainings and courses will be listed as interest is shown.

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Our live courses are built around a face-to-face delivery exploring movement together. The courses are generally linked to our online learning modules to ensure that participants can scaffold their understanding and experience of the material. The access to the online content is immediate after purchase. This allows us to spend more time on case studies, refining cueing and teaching techniques and answer questions during the live course. We make sure our participants feel truly confident in bringing their newly acquired knowledge to their clients straight away.

If you are unable to attend our live courses in person because of distance or health concerns, most of our live courses are also streamed through Zoom. When a Zoom link-up is organised we ensure that it is an interactive experience for everyone attending – in person or online – and that all participants  will have access to the live recording.

The online components are available before and after the live course for unlimited viewing over 12 months for all participants.