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The Things that Mat-ter

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Course Description

In this course we will take you through the repertoire of the Pilates mat work. The repertoire presented in this course can be used in a multitude of settings; from a Pilates studio, to a gym, to a health clinic. This course is suitable for students beginning their Pilates teacher journey and who are looking for a course that will provide them with more than the superficial mechanics of the repertoire, but rather understand the exercises fully. The work is designed to better allow teachers to modify and adjust the repertoire for clients at different levels and capacities.

The course is also intended to provide existing teachers with an opportunity to review their repertoire, cues and modifications. The course provides teachers an opportunity to reflect on their experience as teachers and to help them draw the connections between the patterns of movement that go beyond performance of exercise. We want to teach you to recognise patterns within clients’ bodies and in the repertoire itself. The course has clear guidelines for each exercise showing the focus and purpose, teaching tips, modifications and contraindications.

The principles are overlaid to allow teachers to understand how to progress a client through various levels and relate the exercises to each other and to understand how these relate to other exercises on the mat and apparatus. This course is designed for movement and fitness teachers as well as allied health practitioners who are wanting to draw deeper connections from the movement patterns that they observe on a daily basis.

The course consists of several sections including:
Section 1 – Pre-Movement Principles
Section 2 – Pelvic Curls
Section 3 – Supine Sagittal work
Section 4 – Supine Transverse work
Section 5 – Seated and Rolling
Section 6 – Side Lying
Section 7 – Points, Planks and Pikes
Section 6 – Prone

In each section there is a series of videos for each exercise progressing from a beginner level exercise to more complex exercises involving coordination and endurance. At the end of some sections we have included a video with a flow showing how the various exercises can be built on each other to create a series.

At the end of the course there will be a quiz which you must complete in order to receive your certificate of completion. You will also find various program sheets at different levels that can be used as a guide for how to make a program and for practice.

Continuing Education Credits

This Mat course, together with our 4 Reformer courses, form part of our Mat and Reformer Certification. The certification can only be achieved after completing the face to face modules that are recommended for each of the repertoire courses. Dates for face to face modules are continuously added to our course website which you can book after completing the online course.

Exclusive offer

We have partnered with one of Australia’s leading Pilates equipment suppliers Pilates Reformers Australia to give you 10% off any purchases on their website when you sign up for any of our Body Organics Education repertoire courses. You will receive a coupon code in your welcome letter sent to you after registration.

Who is this course for

This workshop is ideal for:
// students undertaking their certification programs and wanting to review the Pre-Movement Principles, beginner and intermediate level mat repertoire and teaching points
// experienced teachers wanting to refresh their teaching tips and modifications for a variety of conditions
// allied health practitioners wanting to improve their understanding of the Pilates repertoire and how it can be adapted to specific rehabilitation scenarios, but also to fill in the gaps of repertoire, flow and programming

The course is accompanied by our comprehensive Mat and Movement manual and there are options for students to combine the online course with in person workshops or zoom sessions to refine their teaching and personal practice.

What you get

When purchasing the Things that Mat-ter course, you will receive 12 month access to all course material. This includes the online video lessons, covering theory and exercise strategies, as well as an online manual. You will also be able to purchase a colour printed copy of the manual at a 10% discount. At any time during the 12 months, you can join up to any of our face to face course extensions. Participation in the face to face course extension is a requirement for completing the Mat and Reformer Certification.

For a small taste of this course, view the free sample lesson on Roll Like A Ball and Progressions.

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