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Mat and Reformer Online Course Bundles

A woman learning how to do the kneeling lunge on the reformer

Pick Any 2 Reformer Online Courses

Massive Savings Available! Pick any two of our Reformer Online Courses with this new Bundle from Body Organics Education.

An advertisement for reformer online courses using images of two woman and a reformer

Pick Any 3 Reformer Online Courses

Even More Discounts Available! Pick any three of our Reformer Online Courses with this bundle from Body Organics Education.

A woman doing the double leg stretch on the pilates reformer

Reformer Bundle Online Courses

Gain Access to All Four of our Online Reformer Courses and get our Anatomy and Teaching Foundations Online Course for free!

Carla Mullins helping Severine hamstring stretch using the pilates reformer

Mat and Reformer Online Course Bundle

Earn yourself a bargain and Gain access to All Four of our Online Reformer Courses and The Things That Mat-ter Online Course.

Other Bundle Courses

A picture of two peopel exercising useing the pilates trapeze table

Trapeze Table Bundle

Gain Access to Resetting The Table 1 and Resetting The Table 2 - our Trapeze Table Online Courses.

A man doing an abductor exercise on the CoreAlign

CoreAlign® Bundle

Gain Access to both Pilates Stands Up CoreAlign® 1 and Pilates Stands Up CoreAlign® 2 online courses.

Pelvis Course Bundle

Gain Access to both Pelvis Courses: Pelvis 1 - Psoas and Sacrum and Pelvis 2 - Hip and Femur. 2 courses, 2 certificates, 1 Affordable Price.

Anatomy and Teaching Foundations

Gain Access to Introduction to Anatomy, Introduction to Neuroanatomy, Pre-movement Principles and Cueing and Programming courses.

Carla Mullins teaching Josh how to use the pilates wunda chair in conjunction with the Trapeze Table

Lower Limb Bundle

Gain Access to our Lower Limb courses: Anatomy Dimensions Knee, Feet and both Pelvis courses.

Carla Mullins teaching a twisted stretch using the spine corrector

Smart Spine Bundle

Gain Access to Anatomy Dimensions Spine and Torso and discover new cues and teaching strategies with Introduction to Neuroanatomy as well.

A woman teaching someone to do backstroke on the pilates reformer

Upper Limb Bundle

Gain Access to our Upper Limb courses: Anatomy Dimensions Shoulder, Neck and Jaw, Elbow, Wrist and Hands and Breath.

A woman teaching spine stretch to another woman in a pilates class

Specialist Bundle

Gain Access to our Specialist courses: Peripheral Neuropathy and Drop Foot in this bundle.

What Our Students Have to Say

Body Organics courses are perfect for the seasoned instructor who wants to learn a deeper knowledge of anatomy. Body Organics teachers have an incredible way of explaining complicated biomechanics in easy to apply methods. I’ve always found learning anatomy from a textbook hard to follow, but Carla applies imagery to bring the concepts to life. When you understand how the body moves, you’ll be able to have the capability to cater to a range of complex clients and this is what you get with Body Organics.
Kimi Broadbent
Melbourne, Victoria
I have been teaching Pilates for over 25 years and never stop learning from Carla! Body Organics Education is my go to for continuing education and deepening my knowledge. Carla is one amazing and generous lady, with a gift of explaining anatomy and how the body works in a way that I totally understand. Attention to detail and making sure you understand what is being delivered is Carla’s priority. I highly recommend Body Organics Education, you won’t be disappointed.
Renae Blackmore
Gosford, New South Wales
Carla is a highly experienced and very knowledgeable instructor with a unique take on the Pilates method. Always generous with her expertise, she really opened my eyes to the beauty and power of movement via Pilates. I have continued my continuing education with Body Organics, one of the best things I ever did, and cannot recommend them highly enough!
Kathy Sharp
Brisbane, Queensland
The teachers cater to the current stance of the course participants as individuals, and teach as highly informative guides, in a manner that helps the participant to discover their own ideas and to further guide themselves. Do a Body Organics Course and be re-born as a teacher. Also, Carla is super funny - partake in a course simply for the comedic value!
Jane Brewer
Cairns, Queensland