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Who We Are

Pilates Training is not just a job for us; it's our passion and profession. Our teacher trainers collectively possess several decades of experience in the field of Pilates, making us true experts. Our instructors possess a wealth of diverse knowledge and skills, catering to a wide range of clients, from those requiring complex rehabilitation to elite athletes. To us, the Pilates Method is a remarkable system of repertoire, movement patterns, and clinical reasoning that holds the potential for extraordinary transformations.

Our Intent

At Body Organics Education®, we are driven by our extensive experience in training Pilates teachers. Our primary goal is to empower our students, instilling in them a sense of confidence both as skilled movers and effective instructors. Our comprehensive Pilates training courses are designed to bridge the gap between clinical Pilates settings and fitness-oriented Pilates. Our aim is to impart the magic of Pilates to our students, helping them discover the profound beauty of movement and the fulfilment that comes from positively impacting people's lives.

What We Offer:

We provide multiple learning opportunities and experiences so that all types of learners can feel confident and safe in their learning. You can access our Pilates online training anytime anywhere. Our face to face course providers in the Pilates Method are located in Brisbane, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Canberra, Cairns, Melbourne and Virginia.

We Offer:

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Our Most Popular Pilates Training Courses

Our Pilates training courses are designed for teachers who are eager to grasp the fundamental "concepts" of movement, rather than just repertoire. By developing a deep understanding of how the body moves, you gain the capacity to effectively cater to a diverse range of clients, including those with complex needs. At Body Organics Education®, we provide you with the tools to acquire a profound knowledge of human movement that you can immediately apply to your teaching. Elevate your skills and unlock the potential to make a meaningful impact through our comprehensive training programs.

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Two women exercising neck and jaw

Neck & Jaw

This course is designed to improve a movement professional’s understanding of the structures of the neck and jaw, to help facilitate recovery and relief.

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Two women using the pilates barrel called a spine corrector

Embracing The Curve

The Embracing the Curve course introduces movement teachers to the Barrel and Arcs and how this relates to Pilates repertoire particularly on the Reformer and the Mat.

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women using pilates to help with arthritis

Springing This Joint

In this online course, Springing This Joint will teach you the basics of how to deal with clients with a variety of arthritic conditions in a movement studio setting.

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What Our Students Have to Say

I have been a Pilates instructor for over 5 years and have worked in different practices and physios in Australia and overseas. Anatomy Dimensions is one of the most innovative and valuable education developments in the Pilates industry to date. In my experience, Pilates instructors do not need another full set of repertoire but a better understanding of the knowledge and skills they already have. Anatomy Dimensions offers a set of tools that can be applied to existing movement practices and help recognise and address specific functions and imbalances which together affect the body as a whole.
Carla's hands on 'real life' approach in her delivery and the small group size allowed me to personally experience each concept and exercise of the workshops in a way that was relevant to my teaching and my clients. The learning is backed up by fantastic manuals that are valuable resources in themselves. They detail not only the workshop concepts but also the repertoire, which can also be used for 'homework' handouts for clients. These workshops are relevant not only to Pilates instructors, but anyone in professional movement fields and I would strongly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their movement practice, instruction and outcomes for their clients.
Lizzi Webb
Encore Pilates, Darwin
Body Organics courses are perfect for the seasoned instructor who wants to learn a deeper knowledge of anatomy. Body Organics teachers have an incredible way of explaining complicated biomechanics in easy to apply methods. I’ve always found learning anatomy from a textbook hard to follow, but Carla applies imagery to bring the concepts to life. When you understand how the body moves, you’ll be able to have the capability to cater to a range of complex clients and this is what you get with Body Organics.
Kimi Broadbent
Melbourne, Victoria
I have been teaching Pilates for over 25 years and never stop learning from Carla! Body Organics Education is my go to for continuing education and deepening my knowledge. Carla is one amazing and generous lady, with a gift of explaining anatomy and how the body works in a way that I totally understand. Attention to detail and making sure you understand what is being delivered is Carla’s priority. I highly recommend Body Organics Education, you won’t be disappointed.
Renae Blackmore
Gosford, New South Wales
Carla is a highly experienced and very knowledgeable instructor with a unique take on the Pilates method. Always generous with her expertise, she really opened my eyes to the beauty and power of movement via Pilates. I have continued my continuing education with Body Organics, one of the best things I ever did, and cannot recommend them highly enough!
Kathy Sharp
Brisbane, Queensland
The teachers cater to the current stance of the course participants as individuals, and teach as highly informative guides, in a manner that helps the participant to discover their own ideas and to further guide themselves. Do a Body Organics Course and be re-born as a teacher. Also, Carla is super funny - partake in a course simply for the comedic value!
Jane Brewer
Cairns, Queensland

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