Knee Replacement Exercises for Pre and Post surgery

Knee replacement exercises pre and post surgery can be an important factor for successful rehabilitation. Why are knee replacement exercises such an important topic? There were 50,000 knee replacement surgeries in Australia alone in the last year! The most common reason for knee replacements is osteoarthritis, a condition which affects one in nine Australians (AIHW

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Hamstring Injuries – Pilates

Rehabilitation from injuries with help from Pilates is something often needed by my partner, Michael, when he arrives home following cycling accidents and surfing incidents. Our families are often the best sources of new material when it comes to working through injuries and rehabilitation issues. My most recent opportunity for Pilates growth involved Michael experiencing

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The Pilates Re-formation

The Pilates Re-formation is an article I wrote for the Pilates Journal in April 2023. There is no doubt that our society, industries and communities are all undergoing massive technological transformations, with the rapid digitalisation of our lives. Even the Pilates industry is undergoing massive change in the way we work, learn and interact with our

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Peripheral Neuropathy

Tingling and numbness in the peripheries – could it be Peripheral Neuropathy? Our hands and feet are essential for daily life, and so it is little wonder that peripheral neuropathy can be so devastating. It can impact daily activities and walking or even holding a cup can be extremely painful. There are many reasons why

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