Smart Spine Bundle

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Smart Spine Bundle

This bundle gives you access to Anatomy Dimensions Spine and Torso and Anatomy Dimensions Introduction to Neuroanatomy. 2 courses, 2 certificates at 1 Affordable Price.  Click on the names above or the icon’s below to read more information about each course or purchase the courses individually.

+ Introduction to neuroanatomy

Spine and Torso

This course is designed to improve a movement professional’s understanding of the structures of the spine and torso. A large part of the course is devoted to understanding the anatomy and physiology of the spine and how this relates to the work we do in the studio as a movement professional.

Introduction to Neuroanatomy

In this course you will be getting an introduction to neuroanatomy terms and principles that are relevant for teachers and students wanting to go on to learn any movement or therapy discipline. It will give you an introductory understanding of the neurological system and its contribution to movement, posture, reflexes, pain and learning. It is intended to provide a bridge for people working in the movement industry who require a better understanding of basic neurological concepts as they work with clients with conditions of the neurological system. This course could be considered a precursor for those students wanting to explore and participate in more detailed courses about neurological conditions.

What you will get

When purchasing the Smart Spine Bundle you will receive 12 month access to all course material. This includes the online video lessons, covering theory and exercise strategies, as well as an online manual. You will also be able to purchase a colour printed copy of the manual at a 10% discount. At any time during the 12 months, you can join up to any of our live course extensions which will allow you to delve deeper into the themes discussed in the course. You will be given ideas and exercises that can be incorporated into your regular movement practice, both in the studio and as part of homework or in online classes. The course contains an extensive list of exercises that you can start using with your clients today. All the repertoire is filmed and the videos contain information about the focus and purpose for each exercise as well as cueing tips and other useful information when working with clients in the studio or in online classes.

Continuing Education Credits

The course Spine and Torso has been approved for continuing education credits by the following associations:

Pilates Method Alliance 5 credits
Australian Pilates Method Association 1.5 credits (+0.75 credits for optional live tutorial)
Pilates Alliance Australasia 6 credits (+1.5 credits for optional live tutorial)
The Introduction to Neuroanatomy online course has been approved for continuing education credits by the following associations:
Pilates Method Alliance 10 credits
Australian Pilates Method Association N/A credit
Pilates Alliance Australasia 7 credits (plus 0 credits for optional live tutorial)

The different associations have different criteria for awarding continued education credits, particularly when it comes to online learning, and this is why the credits might differ between them.