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Course Description

Recovering your Chair is a workshop that will help you rediscover the wunda chair and learn how to use this versatile piece of classical Pilates equipment to its fullest potential. This course is aimed at teachers who have done their basic wunda chair training and now are looking for more detailed cueing techniques, adaptations and modifications. The course is intended to provide teachers with the opportunity to draw connections and identify patterns in the wunda chair repertoire based on their experience in the method.

In your teacher certification you are taught how to teach the basics of the wunda chair repertoire, but to understand the subtleties and the nuance of movement, and connections in patterns, requires experience in working with the apparatus and clients. This course is designed to allow teachers to draw connections and put their knowledge into context.

The repertoire and resources are comprehensive, providing teachers with opportunities to identify modifications and variations for various common movement dysfunctions eg tendinopathies, flat feet and osteoporosis. It will give you teaching tips and contraindications for each exercise. We also explain how the repertoire relates to other equipment in the Pilates method.

The repertoire review and additions are not necessarily about advanced Pilates exercises. In the Recovering your Chair workshop we instead take an indepth look at the work that is often needed for the average client participating in studio or semi private settings and how you adapt the repertoire to the person in front of you.

The course has clear guidelines for each exercise showing the focus and purpose, teaching tips, modifications, contraindications. We also explain to you how the repertoire relates to other equipment in the Pilates method.

The online experience is supported by:
// a comprehensive manual
// program sheets to allow participants to practice the repertoire with flow and rhythm.
// opportunities for small group online facilitated tutorials where participants can explore the provided programs and repertoire, as well as discuss applications and modifications which have been applied within their teaching practice. These online tutorials allow experienced teachers to work together constructively in order to deepen their knowledge and network.

Who is this course for

Pilates teachers who have done their basic training and are now looking for inspiration and more depth when teaching the wunda chair repertoire. In the course we reference exercises from the mat and reformer repertoire, so prior knowledge of this repertoire is useful.

What you get

When purchasing the Recovering your Chair online course, you will receive 12 month access to all course material. This includes the online video lessons covering exercise strategies and cueing techniques. You will also receive a series of exercise programs covering different levels and these can be used in the studio with clients straight away. Also included with each online workshop is a digital version of the resource manual in PDF format. This resource manual gives you extra tips and exercise support. Optionally, you can also purchase a printed colour copy of the manual.

For a small taste of this course view the free sample lesson Step Up Prep.

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What You Will Need:

You will need to have access to a wunda chair. There are many different varieties of wunda chairs, but you can use any for this course. We are using a wunda chair with crutches, but you very often use a wall or the trapeze table as support for most of the exercises shown in this course.

We also use the long box, but any support at similar height that you can lean and stand on will work as well.

To modify and adjust exercises to accommodate different conditions or abilities we use a range of small props that can be useful to have. It is not necessary to have access to all of these in order to get value out of the course.

Equipment List

Pilates Equipment
  • Wunda Chair
  • Long Box
Small Apparatus
  • Makarlu Lotus
  • Franklin Balls
  • Small Block
  • Broomstick or Foam Roller (for support)
  • Rotator Disc

Further Course Support

Once you’ve purchased the course, you can also order a printed colour manual to be sent to you at an extra cost if you prefer to have it on paper. 

You can also join one of our live online tutorials that are being held throughout the year for an additional fee. Dates and times will be continuously updated and can be found on your course page as you log in after purchase. These tutorials will give you the opportunity to ask any questions and further explore the concepts and repertoire presented in the course. You will also have the option of booking private online lessons with one of our teachers if you have more specific questions, case studies to discuss or are wanting to delve deeper into any of the concepts presented in the course.

Continuing Education Credits

The course Recovering your Chair has been approved for continuing education credits by the following associations:

Pilates Method Alliance7 credits
Australian Pilates Method Association1 credits
Pilates Alliance Australasia6 credits

If you join us for the live online tutorial, you will be able to claim a further 1 credit with the APMA and 1.5 credits with the PAA.

The different associations have different criteria for awarding continued education credits, particularly when it comes to online learning, and this is why the credits might differ between them.