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Embracing The Curve

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Course Description

Embracing the Curve is designed to help you understand the various Pilates barrels and arcs and their relationship with the work on the Reformer and Mat. These courses are intended to provide teachers with the opportunity to draw connections and identify patterns within the Pilates repertoire. These courses are aimed at teachers who have done their Pilates certification and now are looking for more detailed cueing techniques, adaptations and modifications using the barrel.

The repertoire and resources are comprehensive, providing teachers with opportunities to identify modifications and variations for various common movement dysfunctions and conditions e.g. tendinopathies, knee surgery and osteoporosis. It will give you teaching tips and contraindications for each exercise. We also explain how the repertoire relates to other equipment in the Pilates method.

The repertoire review and additions are not necessarily about advanced Pilates exercises. In this course we instead take an in-depth look at the work that is often needed for the average client participating in studio or semi private settings and how you adapt the repertoire to the person in front of you.

The online experience is supported by:
// digital manual
// program sheets to allow participants to practice the repertoire with flow and rhythm
// videos of the repertoire on the High Barrel and Spine Corrector

Who is this course for

Movement teachers who are now looking for inspiration and more depth when teaching the Pilates repertoire and wanting to incorporate the barrel and arcs into their studio. In the course we reference exercises from the Mat and the Pilates studio equipment repertoire, so prior knowledge of this repertoire is useful.

What you get

When purchasing the Embracing the Curve online course, you will receive 12 month access to all course material. This includes the online video lessons covering exercise strategies and cueing techniques, as well as an online manual. You will also receive a series of exercise programs covering different levels and these can be used in the studio with clients straight away.

For a small taste of this course view the free sample lesson on The Step Series.

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