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Course Description

This course is designed to improve a movement professional’s understanding of the structures of the neck and jaw. A large part of the course is devoted to understanding the anatomy and physiology of the neck and jaw and how this relates to how we work in the studio as a movement professional.

Course participants will gain a better understanding of how certain exercises relate to the neck and jaw and also provide participants with the capacity to critically analyse specific pathologies.

The pathologies and conditions explored include:
// Disc rupture
// First rib syndrome
// Clenching and torticollis
// Jaw grinding

We also look at strategies for exercises and movements that will help facilitate recovery and minimise the risk of further injuries. We discuss strategies for working with people with chronic neck and jaw issues that can easily be implemented straight away in the studio. The lessons provide clear instructions on cueing in order to help teachers support their clients in a safe and supported way.

After this course the student should have an understanding of:
// the bony landmarks of the cervical and thoracic spine and their functional roles
// the hyoid bone and tongue to neck and jaw placement
// the role of the eyes in neck function and dysfunction
// alternative ways to cue and establish movement in the Pilates repertoire
// specific pathologies (TMJ, RA, disc bulge) of the neck and jaw and appropriate modifications to incorporate into a movement and Pilates class

Who is this course for

Any movement teachers wanting to expand their knowledge of the spine and the neck and jaw in particular. This can be a good introductory course to the anatomy and physiology of the neck and jaw, but also works as a refresher for teachers who would like to build their confidence in dealing with conditions in this area.

What you get

When purchasing the Anatomy Dimensions Neck & Jaw course you will receive 12 month access to all course material. This includes the online video lessons covering theory and exercise strategies. Also included with each online workshop is a digital version of the resource manual in PDF format. This resource manual gives you extra tips and exercise support. Optionally, you can also purchase a printed colour copy of the manual.

For a small taste of this course view the free sample lesson on Releasing Neck Tension.

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What You Will Need:

In this course you will need access to a mat, chi ball and possibly a set of Makarlu or other tools for pressure point release. We use towels and a baby arc for extra support in some exercises as well. One of the exercises is done on the reformer.

Below you can find a list of all the equipment used. If you would like to purchase any of the products that are available through us, you will receive a 10% discount as a course participant in any Body Organics course.

Equipment List

Pilates Equipment
  • Reformer
  • Baby Arc
Small Apparatus

Further Course Support

Once you’ve purchased the course you can also order a printed colour manual to be sent to you at an extra cost if you prefer to have it on paper.

You can also join one of our live online tutorials that are being held throughout the year for an additional fee. Dates and times will be continuously updated and can be found on your course page as you log in after purchase. These tutorials will give you the opportunity to ask any questions and further explore the concepts and repertoire presented in the course. You will also have the options of booking private online lessons with one of our teachers if you have more specific questions, case studies to discuss or wanting to delve deeper into any of the concepts presented in the course.

Continuing Education Credits

The Neck & Jaw online course has been approved for continuing education credits by the following associations:

Pilates Method Alliance4 credits
Australian Pilates Method Association1 credits (plus 1.5 credits for optional live tutorial)
Pilates Alliance Australasia5 credits (plus 1.5 credits for optional live tutorial)

The different associations have different criteria for awarding continued education credits, particularly when it comes to online learning, and this is why the credits might differ between them.