Comprehensive Certification

The Body Organics Education Comprehensive Certification is an in-depth Pilates teacher training which supports your learning every step of the way.

Comprehensive Certification

The Body Organics Education Comprehensive Certification is exactly what the name suggests – a fully comprehensive Pilates teacher certification course. It will give you the opportunity to fully learn how to teach the Pilates method to clients from all walks of life. After completing this certification you will be able to choose the Pilates career path that suits you, whether this is as a reformer group class teacher or working one on one with clients in a clinical rehab setting together with allied health professionals. The Body Organics Education Comprehensive Certification is an in-depth Pilates teacher training which supports your learning every step of the way.  

Our Certification courses focus on teaching you concepts of movements which allows you to understand the repertoire in context and can understand the reasons why and how you teach movement. Once you understand the concepts, your knowledge and development of the repertoire becomes limitless. 

You will learn the full range of repertoire for the Mat, Reformer, Wunda Chair, Trapeze Table, Barrel and Arc and small apparatus. You will be taught programming and cueing so that you can assist your clients in achieving their movement goals. When you have completed your certification you will be armed with the knowledge and confidence to teach people with a variety of conditions and pathologies by adjusting and modifying the repertoire to suit the needs of the person in front of you.

Online and Face to Face Learning

The Body Organics Education Comprehensive Certification is taught using several different learning modalities, improving your retention of information and making you more confident as a teacher. All of the learning material for the anatomy, teaching methodology and repertoire is first introduced through online video lessons and then reinforced and expanded on in the face to face workshops. We allow you to layer your knowledge and understanding of concepts, giving you quality resources and support to review and progress your understanding over time. Self mastery and supervised teaching then consolidates the learning. You will also have specialised webinars with different teachers from around the country giving you in depth knowledge in a variety of subjects.

No Prior Learning Required

Most Pilates certifications require you to pay an additional fee for anatomy and physiology courses before starting the course. At Body Organics Education, this is included in your certification. The anatomy is first taught through our online learning courses and then reinforced and integrated into the repertoire and programming during the face to face modules. It is taught in blocks giving you ample time to digest the material before moving on and building on your acquired knowledge. For more detailed information please download our Course Prospectus or give us a call to discuss your unique situation on 07 3274 0470.

Bridging to a Body Organics Education
Certification from other courses

If you have completed a Certification with another provider, we will work
with you to allow you to easily bridge to one of our certification courses. 

Course Content

The Body Organics Education Comprehensive Certification is taught online and in person with the content divided into six blocks of learning. We have worked to create layers of understanding and knowledge so that you can refer back to your online material throughout your course and use your face to face training to practice what you’ve learnt and really focus on your skills as a teacher. This will allow you insights into movement, repertoire and pathology without being overwhelmed by too much information in one go. You will first receive access to each block’s online course material to go through before the face to face workshops and tutorials which will build on the knowledge acquired through the online learning. To read more about the content of the online modules in each block, follow the links below:

Course Dates and Enrollment

Here you will find the next start dates for upcoming Mat and Reformer certification courses around Australia. Please view the table below to see a full list of dates for face to face workshops and tutorials. 

To enrol in the Body Organics Education Mat and Reformer Certification course, visit your preferred course partner and register your interest with them. If you have any questions, please contact your course partner or Body Organics Education on 07 3274 0470 or email us.


All payments for the certification are managed by your chosen course partner. The cost for the full Mat and Reformer Certification is $10 000. More information regarding payment options can be found in the Course Prospectus or by contacting your course partner.