Certification Courses

Make Pilates your profession with some of Australia’s most senior and experienced Pilates teachers as your mentors, through online and face to face training that will make you ready to teach every body anywhere.

Certification Courses

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Why choose Body Organics
Education Certification Courses?

At Body Organics Education your journey towards making Pilates your profession will be guided by some of Australia’s most experienced Pilates teachers. They will share their knowledge and passion for the Pilates method with you, so you will become comfortable and confident in teaching in a variety of settings and feel proud of making a difference through intelligent movement. You will be equipped to teach in more than a franchise or fitness setting and able to choose your own path forward.

The Pilates Method is known for its dynamic flexibility and intelligent responsive solutions for its clients. Our Certification and Continuing Education courses are equally as flexible, intelligent, and responsive to the needs of our students. The material has been compiled and reviewed with senior Pilates teachers working in conjunction with a number of allied health disciplines including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, osteopaths, podiatrists, naturopaths and exercise physiologists.

Our certification courses in the Pilates Method are available around Australia and are all a combination of online and in-person learning. The Certification Courses include:

// online supporting material using our online Learning Management System

// detailed exercises on how to perform, teach and cue

// integrated online anatomy, fitness and pathology modules

// detailed cueing and programming modules

// purposeful learning opportunities in observation, self mastery and supervised teaching

// supervised teaching opportunities

// detailed manuals and practise programme sheets

// face-to-face tutorials, giving you the opportunity to practice teaching and focus on any issues of concern that might arise during the course

// face-to-face workshops designed to solidify the online learning material

// face-to-face tutorials, giving you the opportunity to practice teaching and focus on any issues of concern that might arise during the course

// options to only do individual modules recognised by Pilates, exercise science and fitness associations

Our courses allow you to work at your own time and pace, as you build the skills and confidence to teach the Pilates Method. Our Certification courses combine online and in-person learning. Our focus is on providing students with the maximum opportunity to learn and layer their understanding. By allowing students to access our pre-learning material online, you are ready to engage in your face to face sessions with a base level understanding. Our certification workshops and tutorials are designed to allow you to pace yourself and absorb the learning. Graduates of these courses will be recognised by the Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA) and as members will be able to access insurance as a Pilates teacher. For more detailed information please download our Course Prospectus or give us a call to discuss your unique situation on 07 3274 0470.

Bridging to a Body Organics Education
Certification from other courses

If you have completed a Certification with another provider, we will work
with you to allow you to easily bridge to one of our certification courses.