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The Pilates Re-formation

The Pilates Re-formation is an article I wrote for the Pilates Journal in April 2023. There is no doubt that our society, industries and communities are all undergoing massive technological transformations, with the rapid digitalisation of our lives. Even the Pilates industry is undergoing massive change in the way we work, learn and interact with our

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Evidence Based Practice and Pilates?

When you hear that a person is applying an evidenced based model it does not mean that they are simply using the result from the scientific literature. . What it means is they have critically examined multiple factors in order to develop an intervention/ program for a particular client. The evidence based model was intended to improve the recognition of the science, clinical experience and its importance in decision making. Some of these important factors we need to consider or understand are listed below.

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Private Concerns

With our homes filled with real and virtual people, many of us have struggled with finding a private space. It can be a confronting experience realising that the space between our private and public spaces have merged, leaving us just a little overwhelmed. At the same time, we have participated in the sharing of our

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