Peripheral Neuropathy

Tingling and numbness in the peripheries – could it be Peripheral Neuropathy? Our hands and feet are essential for daily life, and so it is little wonder that peripheral neuropathy can be so devastating. It can impact daily activities and walking or even holding a cup can be extremely painful. There are many reasons why …

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meme showing a woman lying down on the grass with words Hashimoto's Disease the tired that sleep can't cure.

Hashimoto’s Disease and Pilates

Hashimoto’s Disease and Pilates. Hashimoto’s disease is a thyroid disease that is now considered the most common Autoimmune disease. (Beynon, & Pinneri, 2016). It is a disease that I have, and it took years for me to be taken seriously and receive a proper diagnosis. During that time, my health deteriorated dramatically, and even now …

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Scleroderma – Symptoms, Concerns and Considerations

Scleroderma, a rare autoimmune disease, is something that my father had and over a course of seven years. We saw a vital man suffer through this disease and becoming more and more fragile. Observing him and his process of handling the disease and the multiple medical appointments and expectations was part of what inspired me …

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Evidence Based Practice and Pilates?

When you hear that a person is applying an evidenced based model it does not mean that they are simply using the result from the scientific literature. . What it means is they have critically examined multiple factors in order to develop an intervention/ program for a particular client. The evidence based model was intended to improve the recognition of the science, clinical experience and its importance in decision making. Some of these important factors we need to consider or understand are listed below.

A meme showing a complex formule trying to explain Parkinson's Disease.

Can Pilates Help People with Parkinson’s Disease?

Many people ask ” can Pilates help people with Parkinson’s Disease?” To fully understand what is possible it is important to understand what is Parkinson’s Disease (PD). It is the most common neurological condition in Australia with 1 in 340 Australians living with the disease, and Queensland is considered a hotspot for the condition.  Nearly  …

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